What Facebook objective to use?

When it comes to Facebook it can be quite overwhelming to understand what Facebook objective you use for your campaign. 


Chances are you’re reading this because you want to make sure you start off on the right foot. So let’s start off by first identifying your goal. What do you want your audience to do?


Do we want them to interact with your post? Such as like, watch, comment and or share?


Do you want them to purchase something from you?


Do you want them to go through a messaging sequence or do you just want their contact info?


The reason why you need to understand the end result is because Facebook identifies people by their behaviors. 


Facebook has over 50,000 data points per user. They know who to put your ads in front of to purchase, fill out a form etc. Now let’s be clear, the sales process online is no different than the sales process in person. If you have a high ticket item and expect someone to purchase without education, objection handling then you might say this platform doesn’t work. 


It’s important to understand the same process that happens in person should be replicated online. There are no shortcuts. For example, you have 10 people who never heard about you visit your store front. 3 of them decided to stop in just to see what it’s about. 5 of them are picking up a couple items and considering it. 2 people found something they like and walked right out without speaking with an associate.


Great, you have 2 sales! But there are still 7 people left. The possibility of those 7 people purchasing that exact moment are slim. Now you have your associate speak with the 7 people and start to nurture them. Talking about the products, how it’s made, the benefits etc. Some would find out it’s not for them. Some would say they’ll come back during the weekend. Others would give you some info to stay in touch.


What I’m saying here is that if you’re selling a high ticket item and you’re not nurturing an audience. You will say Facebook or these social media platforms do not work for you. You’re disrespecting the sales process. 


The objectives we use the most as agency are engagement, conversions (sales) and messenger. 


Let me answer some questions that might be populating as you read that. You might say, I want people to come on my website so they can fill out a form. Why don’t I use the traffic objective? Back to a previous bullet point Facebook has over 50,000 data points per user. So the traffic objective is having Facebook to find people to send to a website. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. 


But if you want Facebook to find people who are most likely to visit your website and fill out a form. Then you would use the conversion objective and select the conversion event to lead. The conversion objective is extremely powerful because it uses the Facebook pixel. Extremely powerful tool that collects the data of your ideal customer and then tells Facebook who you want to target. 


Next is the engagement objective. This objective is extremely underrated. We love using this tool to build an audience for custom conversions. Meaning if we want to collect people who would watch a video we can do that with the engagement objective, with the engagement type to be video views. You can also get extremely low cost engagement with that objective. I’m talking .01 and sometimes .001 per engagement. 


You can also use that objective to get people to build social proof on an ad. Such as like, comment, share etc. That will help conversions on your campaigns. Lastly is messenger objective, which is exactly what it sounds like. Getting Facebook to put you in front of people who are most likely to message you. 


Wrapping it up, the most important part of this all is to understand the audience’s end goal and if it’s possible to get right to the purchase or nurture them. In order to nurture you might have to combine objectives or conversion events. If you need help assistance you can learn more on how we can support you here

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